Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, time is getting shorter and my list is getting longer. I had hoped to get a lot done over the weekend, but I had a sick baby, so nothing got done. :(

I have, however, gotten most of my embroidery files that I want to use on a single stick. I have also gotten all of my patterns, fabric, and notions together. I will have to buy a few things, but not many (Ya, me!) I created my pattern for the bean bag chairs, and I cut out the chef hat patterns and aprons. I robbed my mom's stash of my sister's fabric for those items.

The deadline for the thrifty under 50 is Monday, so it looks like I will be a sewing fool late at night this week. I may even take a day off since I have some vacation to burn.

There is nothing like a looming deadline that makes me work faster......

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The Plaid Polka Dot said...

Mom's stash of my fabric? Do I have any left? LOL.