Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas List

I've been making my list, but I have yet to check it, so it may change significantly between now and Christmas. Since I'm participating in the You Can Make This Thrifty 50, I need to have this ALL done by December 15th (yeah, right). I went through my stash over the weekend and came up with some fairly neat ideas. I also realized that I have way too much crafting paraphernalia, but hopefully this will help use up some of it. The rest will have to wait until after the Holidays.

My ambitious list is as follows:
MEY - Doll
LCC - I'm not listing, 'cause you read my blog!
JPD - chef hat and apron (for making brownies with AJD)
AJD - chef hat and apron, days of the week tags for picking out clothes, doll
FLC - sewing mat with thread catcher and pin cushion, pattern weights
JRC - embroidered shirts
LJY - placemats
GAY - embroidered fleece throw
KAY - monogrammed scrubs
BAY - personalized pillow, bean bag chair
JDC - personalized pillow, bean bag chair
MLL - table cloth for her giant table that's too big for standard tablecloths
MEY's Daycare Ladies - Personalized Key Fobs
Bookclub Members - Bookmarks


The Plaid Polka Dot said...

Aren't you afraid mom and MLL will read your blog?

Alicia said...

Nope. They don't know about my blog. :) I'll tell them after the fact.

The Plaid Polka Dot said...

Any ideas for AJD's pre-K teachers?