Monday, June 8, 2009

What Have I Been Doing?

Apparently, not posting, as C has been reminding me lately. I have been busy chasing my midget, sewing class samples, and of course, working. On the bright side, I have been taking pictures of what I've been creating. Since I've been busy, this will probably be a long post. :) So, in no particular order, here we go.....

First, isn't my midget cute? Ok, now that you are smiling back at her, notice the awesome car seat that she is sitting in. That car seat happens to be the spare car seat given to us by a friend. There was nothing wrong with the car seat, other than it was not particularly pretty (sorry, ML). So, being the wonderful, crafty mommy that I am, I did what any die-hard bulldawg fan would do. I used left over fabric from her room and reupholstered the car seat. Now, it shows her teams spirit and draws comments from everyone.

I've had this idea for a beach towel roll-up in my head for quite some time. I think I saw one in a boutique shop a couple of years ago. Anyway, M and I were in the big K one day and she saw and snatched up a black beach towel with pink polka dots (child after my own heart). Since we will be playing in the pool this summer and going to the beach, I thought this would be my chance to see if my idea worked. After, a couple of hours of head scratching, I came up with my pattern. the towel rolls up so that it can be carried on your shoulder leaving your hands free for holding other things.

I also included an interior zip pocket that is hidden when the beach towel is rolled up. It is perfect for stashing keys, money, and even small bottles of sunscreen. You know, all that stuff you try to hid in your shoes or under your towel. I think it turned out pretty well. I got several requests to make them for co-workers when I showed it off at work. I got my directions finsihed and I will be teaching this at Deb-Bee's soon.

ML saw one of these somewhere and then we got into a head scratching about how to sew a sphere. It's really not hard if you go with your first plan instead of second guessing yourself. I guess I've had too much calculas and need to make things complicated. Anyway, I think the taggy ball turned out pretty cute. M certainly likes it. It is on display at Deb-Bee's for an upcoming class, and everytime we stop by there, M points at it and says, "MINE!"

M was invited to a pool party, and yes we were sporting the pink and black beach towel roll-up. The party was for a set of twin girls who were turning four. Their mom is a good friend, fairly crafty and an avid sewer, and knows I'm a craft genius, so buying gifts was, unfortunately, out of the question. Then, at the last minute (this is whenI do my best work), I had a brilliant idea. I made each of them a bow holder. Ok, so the girls weren't really excited about it, but the mom was (and that is what is important). I got plenty of ohhhhs and ahhhhs for some of the other moms, and I got a personal phone call later that night telling me how awsome the bow holders are.

This isn't everything, but it is all I can remember at the moment.