Monday, December 15, 2008

OMG! I am tired!

I ended up taking Friday off from work so I could make my Christmas gift to enter in the Thrifty under 50 Challenge on I even got a babysitter for Saturday so I had TWO complete days to sew. I worked really hard, but either my list was too long or my expectations were too high. Not sure, but anyway, here is what I accomplished and how much I spent.

The first gifts I made were were corner bookmarks for my book club. I actually took this picture while the last 4 were stitching, so there are 12 in all. I used leftover fabric from Maggie's birthday outfit. The thread and stabilizer came from my stash. I used Monogram Wizard for the initials in each bookmark. I saw some corner bookmark in the hoop designs somewhere (don't remember where) and liked the idea. I played around with my digitizing software until I was happy with the design. I think they turned out pretty good.

$0 - fabric
$0 - stabilizer and thread

Total Spent: $0, Running Total: $0, Gifts Completed: 12 ($0/gift)

Next, I made key fobs for the Ladies at Maggie's daycare. I found the spool of pink ribbon in my stash. I did not have the right size webbing, so I did have to buy that. A friend of mine bought the key fob hardware and had not used them yet, so I traded her some embroidery blanks from my stash for them.

$0 - spool of pink ribbon
$0 - stabilizer and thread
$5.85 - 5 yards of black webbing
$0 - key fob hardware

Total Spent: $5.85, Running Total: $5.85, Gifts Completed: 23 ($0.25/gift)

For Nate's niece, I made a personalized name pillow. I bought the pattern several months ago at I used fabric, thread, and stabilizer from my stash. For stuffing, I reused some from sofa pillow blanks that I never used, because I hadn't gotten around to sewing covers for them. No more guilt now......

$0 - fabric
$0 - stabilizer and thread
$0 - stuffing

Total Spent: $0, Running Total: $5.85, Gifts Completed: 24 ($0.243/gift)

For my Mom, I made a scrap bag and pin cushion to go by her sewing machine so all those little thread snips won't get on the floor. I bought a ceramic tile at Lowes for the base to keep it from sliding off the table. The fabric is leftover from a bag project that I made last year. I used clear aquarium tubing to keep the bag open. This was left over (and never used) from when we had an aquarium. The stuffing came from the pillows mentioned above, and I used batting scraps from one of my last quilts.

$0 - fabric
$0 - thread
$0 - stuffing
$0 - aquarium tile
$0.27 - ceramic tile from Lowe's

Total Spent: $0.27, Running Total: $6.12, Gifts Completed: 25 ($0.244/gift)

For my niece, I made days of the week hang tags to go on coat hangers. This way she can pick out her clothes and know which day to wear them. It may also help her father if he is helping her get dressed. :) I don't remember where off the top of my head this embroidery design was purchased from, but I've had it a while. All of the thread, stabilizer, batting and ribbon came from my stash. The fabric came from my scrap bag. Aren't these adorable?

$0 - fabric
$0 - thread and stabilizer
$0 - batting
$0 - ribbon

Total Spent: $0, Running Total: $6.12, Gifts Completed: 26 ($0.235/gift)

While doing some general internet surfing one day, I came across a fabric conversion chart. I thought this was a wonderful idea, because I am always using at a pattern that calls for 45" wide fabric and then end up buying that same amount of 60" wide fabric. (Now we know why my fabric stash is so big......) Anyway, I thought this would be a perfect idea to shrink to business card size and laminate. Who couldn't use this information when shopping. I made one for my sister, my mom, my mother-in-law, and my friend. I used paper in my printer and laminate them at work when no one was looking (shhhhhhh!)

Total Spent: $0, Running Total: $6.12, Gifts Completed: 30 ($0.204/gift)

For some of my friends, I monogrammed their name on microfiber blankets. The blankets came from my stash of embroidery blanks. I think I bought them at Wal-Mart last year after Christmas. I used Monogram Wizard to create the names. The "K" in Katie's I used the Applique Curlz font from SWAK. Embroidery I bought it back during the summer and use it all of the time. The picture is a little hard to see because the blankets are navy blue.

$0 - blankets
$0 - stabilizer and thread

Total Spent: $0, Running Total: $6.12, Gifts Completed: 33 ($0.185/gift)

For Nate's nephew, I made a camouflage bean bag chair. I made my own pattern (big pain in the behind). I used camo fabric left over from when I slipcovered our den furniture in camo (never ask your husband to go fabric shopping with you). The thread came from my stash. I did have to buy a 22" zipper (from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off cupon, of course). The lining is made from an old sheet. For the "bean" part, I used packing peanuts from our shipping department (I don't mind calling in favors when I need to).

Picture Pending

$0 - camo and lining fabric
$1.12 - zipper
$0 - packing peanuts

Total Spent: $1.12, Running Total: $7.24, Gifts Completed: 34 ($0.212/gift)

For my brother in law, I put together a collection of recipes. There are six recipes for every week, complete with a grocery list of all of the items needed. He likes to cook, so I thought this might come in handy. I used paper in my printer (duplexed to save paper). I pulled a new binder off the bookshelf to use to hold it all together.

$0 - paper
$0 - binder

Total Spent: $0, Running Total: $7.24, Gifts Completed: 35 ($0.206/gift)

My my niece, I made a dance bag. I think it is so adorable. I used black Kona fabric and batting left over from my last quilt. The lining, thread, stabilizer, zipper, and ribbon came from my stash. The applique fabric came from my scrap bag. I used Monogram Wizard to create her name for the back. I bought the tulle from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. I am so excited about this bag that I may have to enroll Maggie in ballet when she is old enough just so I can make her this bag!

$0 - fabric
$0 - thread, stabilizer, zipper, and ribbon
$1.20 - tulle

Total Spent: $1.20, Running Total: $8.44, Gifts Completed: 36 ($0.234/gift)

I have been working on a reusable grocery bag pattern. I am in the final stages and it will soon be available on Since I'm checking and rechecking my pattern and directions, several people are getting reusable grocery bags for Christmas. All of the fabric is from my stash. Shown below are three of the different styles that I have been making because I have bolts of those particular fabrics. I have made a total of 15 of these bags.

$0 - fabric
$0 - thread, stabilizer

Total Spent: $0, Running Total: $8.44, Gifts Completed: 39 ($0.216/gift)

I made this bag for my Mom. It is made using the Lazy Girl Design, Miranda. I taught a class to make this bag for my local quilt shop. The fabric was from my stash, as was the handles, thread, and magnetic snap. The batting was left over from a quilt.

$0 - fabric
$0 - thread, handles, magnetic snap
$0 - batting

Total Spent: $0, Running Total: $8.44, Gifts Completed: 40 ($0.211/gift)

Now do you see why I'm tired? I still have more to do; unfortunately, the contest ran out before I finished. Even with all of the other gifts I have to make I will not break the $25 mark (I don't think). I will post the other items as I finish them.


The Plaid Polka Dot said...

OMG, that bag is too cute! And I want one of those thread catcher things, I can probably find you a tile.

Dawn said...

Great job and gifts! Love the dance bag. I need a thread catcher bag-my ends are always all over the place!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

There are too many of the "OMG I love this idea" for me to break it down. Needless to say, You came up with some awesome ideas. I thought I did pretty well--but as I was making for adults, i didn't do as well as you.
Would you be willing to sell the pattern you made for your corner bookmarks? Those were awesome and I have so many folks that would love to have them. Also, where did you get the purse pattern that you said that you were going to be teaching (sorry, don't remember the name of it right now). I really like the look of it. Know my daughters would as well! If it is something you designed, would you be willing to sell the pattern so I could make some?
Crafting together,