Monday, July 11, 2011

Projects with My Midget

When I was young, I was allowed to try different crafts. I spent a lot of time under my grandmother's dining room table as she sewed. (That table is now in my dining room and brings back fond memories whenever I look at it.) I used to take the scraps of fabric as they fell to the floor and make clothes for my Barbie. I was encouraged to use my creativity in any crafty outlet that seemed appropriate. Because of that encouragement, I learned to sew, crochet, tat, cross stitch, and many other fiber arts.

My daughter is a lot like me and seems to have a thirst for all things crafty. We have spent many hours drawing, coloring, painting, and playing with playdough. She is extremely interested in whatever I am doing at my sewing machine, which scares me. For some reason, I am terrified that she will stick her finger under the needle as I am sewing or embroidering.

Lately, I have been looking for crafts appropriate for Maggie and I to do together. One of the first ideas I came up with is stringing beads. I love bracelets and always wear several, so I thought that might work out well. I bought some inexpensive wooden beads and some clear elastic thread. Maggie and I laid out a sequence of beads, and then Maggie strings them.

When she is done, I tie the ends together and we marvel at how pretty the bracelet is she made. Of course, I reap the benefit of extra jewelry and the broad grin of excitement when she realizes I am wearing a bracelet she made. I think we will be giving bracelets for Christmas this year.

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