Monday, January 2, 2012

12:12:1: January, Day 2

Believe it or not, I was able to sew again today! Partly because I decided to take vacation instead of work today, but what does it matter as long as I got to sew?

I got bored with the log cabin I was working on, and I was too lazy did not want to iron and trim the blocks I sewed yesterday, so I pulled out another quilt UFO. Yes, I have more than one. I even have more than two. I probably have.....well, you may figure it out one day. Don't judge if you don't have that many UFOs and quit smiling if you know you are in the same boat. That's part of the beauty of my challenge...I'm going to reduce my UFOs, my stash, and my guilt. 

Anyway, today's victim is a quilt as you go quilt. I think I started it in 2005 also. (Again, don't judge.) I took a quilting class and half way through, I realized I had gotten my strips out of order. After ripping out all of my quilt top, I was pissed frustrated and shoved it in the back of my craft closet, hoping it would magically finish itself. Unfortunately, it didn't, so today I started it again. I already had all of the vertical strip sets done, so it was just a matter of sandwiching the strip sets with batting, flipping, pressing and repeating. I sewed for about 2 hours and got 6 of the 10 vertical rows sewn together (no frog stitches this time!). It took a while to sort the strip sets and iron them from where I had wadded them up and shoved them into a bag. Once that was done, it went pretty quickly. I may actually finish it this time! :)

Quilt As You Go UFO

Are you ready to take the challenge with me, Caryn, and our mom? For the next 12 months, can you sew 12 days out of the month for at least 1 hour a day? We've thrown down the gauntlet and issued the challenge. Join us and post your progress. Maybe I'll do a link party at the end of each month to show our progress. Maybe there will be a prize....

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